Overture 18, from Classis Pacific Northwest: Receive PJCO/Disband Committee

Overture 18, from Classis Pacific Northwest: Receive PJCO/Disband Committee

This is another one with a few fireworks for policy wonks.

A possible merger with the CanRC was the impetus behind creating the Proposed Joint Church Order (PJCO) that comes to Synod 2010 for a vote. The document has been controversial since many in the URCNA view it as adding bureaucracy and shifting power from the local governance system the URCNA currently enjoys (power resting with the local consistory ruled by elders) to a hierarchical system with ruling coming down from higher governing bodies. Recall that the URCNA CO was written to protect the authority at the local level. One instance of such a change is the addition of regional synods which adds another layer of governance upon consistories, stripping away some of the authority of those consistories.

The overture to receive the PJCO and disband the committee is a method to take no action on the PJCO. Given the difficult theological differences the URCNA and CanRC have found between themselves, it would be surprising to see any action taken on the PJCO other than its receipt.